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January 25, 2021

Advisory Bulletin – Bureau of Fire Services Consultation Process

January 25, 2021


Bureau of Fire Services Consultation Process

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) is issuing this advisory bulletin to provide medical and adult-use licensing applicants with guidance on how they can have their marijuana design plans reviewed prior to submitting a Step 2 application.

The Bureau of Fire Services (BFS) conducts a plan review for grower, processor, designated consumption establishment, and microbusiness applicants as part of the Step 2 application process. If applicants want to get BFS plan review guidance and code questions answered prior to submitting a Step 2 application, they have the option to schedule a consultation with BFS.

A BFS consultation consists of submitting a consultation application and drawings so BFS can review any concerns the applicant has during the design process of the marijuana business. Please note that BFS charges applicants a fee of $155 to cover a 1-hour in-person or virtual meeting with a plan reviewer. A copy of the checklist items that are needed for the consultation can be found here.

The applicant can submit the consultation application via Accela or via mail. If submitting via Accela, follow the steps below:

  •   For project information, describe the type of marijuana business and proposed plans for the design of the marijuana business.
  •   For plan review type, select “consultation”. Upon submission of the application, BFS will schedule a day and time for the meeting.
  •   If you have any issues completing the consultation application via Accela, please refer to the ACA Users Guide for Submitting a Plan Review Application. If submitting via mail, follow the steps below:
    •   Complete the Fire Safety Plan Examination form (BFS-979).
    •   Send the form and all supporting documents to the following address: Bureau of Fire Services Plan Review Division P.O. Box 30700 Lansing, MI 48909 Please allow 4 days for processing before you can expect to hear from BFS.
      Questions about the BFS consultation process can be sent to the Bureau of Fire Services, Marijuana Unit via email at LARA-BFS-Marihuana@michigan.gov.
      For more information about the Marijuana Regulatory Agency, please visit www.michigan.gov/MRA. This bulletin does not constitute legal advice and is subject to change. Applicants and licensees are encouraged to seek legal counsel to ensure their operations comply with all applicable laws and rules.

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